1. Gold Inside

From the recording Gold Inside

<p>For Heather C.</p>


<p>The first time that I saw you,</p>
<p>I knew I would stumble and fall</p>
<p>You were so beautiful</p>
<p>That I could barely say a word at all</p>
<p>So you thought I was hiding things</p>
<p>And when I told you how I felt</p>
<p>You said I'd be chasing rainbows</p>
<p>Running after gold that was not there</p>
<p>Trying to love a woman whose heart was cold and bare</p>
<p>But somewhere in my heart of hearts</p>
<p>I can see there's gold inside of you</p>
<p>Calling out to Heather</p>
<p>May your road be long and fair</p>
<p>I say a prayer to heaven</p>
<p>May those angels watch over you</p>